GLAS 495: Fall 2020 Internship Practicum

Instructor: Mark R. Martell, PhD

Here are three chosen projects to highlight the amazing work of GLAS 495 students who interned with GLAS, AANAPISI, or AAMP. Students have the option of writing a 3-paged final paper on their internship experience or a creative project that reflects their internship experience that could be used to market the GLAS internship program. Students are encouraged to make an art piece, write a poem, make a video, etc. when doing the creative project.

Projects by Jen Jasin, Michael Oliveros, and Ashley Xiong.

Get Involved by Jen Jasin

Get involved. Original art by Jen Jasin.

Why You Should be a GLAS Intern by Michael Oliveros

Why You Should be a GLAS Intern. Original art by Michael Oliveros.

AAMP Internship, Q&A and Reflection. Original artwork by Ashley Xiong

AAMP Internship, Q&A and Reflection by Ashley Xiong