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GLAS 300: Global Asia in Chicago

GLAS 300: Global Asia in Chicago

Instructor: Anna Guevarra PhD | Spring 2021

These digital zines represent the capstone and collaborative projects based on research and creative work conducted by teams of students. They represent the stories of organizations like The Black Panther Party-IL, Jobs or Income Now (JOIN), Young Patriots Organization (YPO), Young Lords Organization (YLO), Japanese American Service Committee (JASC), American Indian Center (AIC), Kuumba Lynx,  Voice of the People, and ONE Northside as well as the Single Room Occupancy (SRO) history that are central to the story of Uptown, Chicago. The stories represent a range of place-making engagements, community and movement building work in the midst of the histories of forced displacements and the city’s urban removal projects. These projects will become part of the Dis/Placements: A People’s History in Uptown, Chicago public history project (

“Keeping it Rill” by Cyril Dela Rosa and Brazil Lewis-Boursaw Heading link

Keeping it Rill

Keeping it Rill is a zine about the American Indian Center and the Resilience of Chicago’s Indigenous Community

Click HERE for the full project in pdf.

Cyril Dela Rosa (he/they) is a junior at the University of Illinois Chicago. He is studying Urban Studies with  minors in Global Asian Studies (GLAS) and Geographic Information Systems

Brazil Lewis-Boursaw is a senior at the University of Illinois Chicago. Her major is Communication with a minor in Global Asian Studies.

“Policing the Police” by RobynRose Sybico Schulman, Jesvin John and Melissa Reyes Heading link

Policing the Police

Policing the Police is a zine about the Illinois Black Panther Party”

Click HERE for the full project in pdf.

RobynRose Sybico Schulman: If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way. I am a Psychology major and Global Asian Studies minor on a Premed track. I find many ways to keep myself busy and involved at UIC. I’m a member of UIC’s Honor society, Colleges Against Cancer, Active Minds, Leadershape conference and a part of UIC’s Undergraduate Student Government.

Jesvin John: Hi! I am in my second year at UIC and I’m majoring in English with a minor in Global Asian Studies. Outside of class, I take part in UIC’s chapter of Peer Health Exchange. I have also interned at UIC’s Asian American Resource and Cultural Center as a mentor for their Asian American Mentor Program and as their writer for AARCCorner Blog.

Melissa Reyes: I am currently in my final year at UIC with a major in Communications and a minor in Global Asian Studies. I have been a part of Study Abroad Ambassadors and Chaarg during my time at UIC. I am excited to see how I can apply all the knowledge I have attained during my time at UIC after I graduate in May 🙂

“Power to the Poor” by Jasmin Modelo and Alexandria Seballos Heading link

Power to the Poor

Power to the Poor is a zine about the Young Patriots Organization (YPO).

Click HERE for the full project in pdf.

Jasmin Modelo (she/her) is a first generation Pilipino immigrant and undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has previously worked for local nonprofit organizations, Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowement (AFIRE) and Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro). She is currently a social media intern for literary magazines Marías at Sampaguita and {M}aganda Magazine.

Alexandria (Alex) Seballos is a third year student at UIC majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Global Asian Studies. She is a part of various clubs on campus including the Korean American Student Association (KASA), the Society of Future Physicians (SFP), and the Food Recovery Network (FRN). She is currently on the pre-med track and hopes to become an orthopedic doctor in the future. In her free time she enjoys watching anime, dancing, and doing anything creative.

“JOIN the Revolution” by Aliah Felix and Yunick Cataytay Heading link

JOIN the Revolution

JOIN the Revolution is a zine about the Jobs or Income Now (JOIN) organization.

Click HERE for the full project in pdf.

Aliah Felix is a Spanish Major minoring in Global Asian Studies. She enjoys studying different languages such as Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and French. She also enjoys dancing and listening to music. She hopes to help bring understanding between different groups of people through her usage of language.

Yunick Cataytay likes to watch horror movies, re-watch teen, cringey films from the early 2000s for nostalgia’s sake, and dabble with the arts and crafts. She has too many interest to list in this limited space, but she is currently majoring in Psychology and Minoring in Global Asian Studies

“The People’s Power” by Jazmin Juarez and Joy Angela Magana Heading link

The People’s Power

The People’s Power is a zine about the Young Lord’s Organization (YLO).

Click HERE for the full project in pdf.

Jazmin Juarez is graduating senior majoring in Latin American and Latino Studies and minoring in

Chinese and Global Asian Studies. She is interested in following a diplomatic career path.

Joy Angela Magana is an undergrad in their last semester of UIC in the College of Education. They currently work as a preschool teacher and hopes to one day run their own school or be a policymaker for education.