ASAM Expo 2013 

From 2011-2015, the Asian American Studies Program held an end of the year annual event that featured and celebrated the program and the accomplishments of its undergraduate students, including graduating minors. It showcased exhibits from Asian American Studies classes and key program initiatives like the Community Engagement Project. Recipients of the ASAM Expo Grants (funded by the AANAPISI Initiative), for critical and creative work, presented their research in a variety of forms and fields, from stop-motion animation to anthropological research, scientific experiments, children's health books, photography, and video.

ASAM Expo Grants for Undergraduate Research and the Arts 2012-2013

Congratulations to 2012-2013 Expo Grant recipients!

John Capua, "Dietary Acculturation among Filipino Immigrants," mentor Prof. Crystal Patil. Science. (See links at bottom of this page for POWERPOINT, POSTER, and THESIS)

John Capua Contextualizes health trends among U.S. Fillipino immigrants by focusing on dietary changes. Through a qualitative research approach, he narrates and explores the meaning of dietary acculturation as voiced by members of the Filipino immigrant community.

Donnie Chang and Kim Navoa, mentor Prof. Kevin Kumashiro. History/Social Sciences/History.

Donnie Chang and Kim Navoa explore the absence of Asian American figures in popular cultural representations. Focusing specifically on Walt Disney's highly ubiquitous and commercialized princess figures.

Lisa Han, mentor Prof. Adam Grossi. Art/media/Photography.

Lisa Han presents a project that is a multimedia project based on Siobhan Kealy and Amaryllis Miranda, entitled "Through the Bean" and follows the adventures of a street photographer named Lola.

Vicky Tai, "Basketball," mentor Prof. Laura Fugikawa. Art/media/Photography.

Vic Tai presents a project that is a multimedia expression of queer Asian diasporic subjectivity. Upon returning to school, Vicky seeks to reinsert a sense of self back into natural and built landscapes through artistic means, while telling a digiral story that narrates memory, healing, and ideas of home through a young adult's understanding and experiences

Lisa Patel, "The Riddle of Zindagi," mentor Prof. Karen Su. Art/media/Photography. (See link at the bottom of this page)

Lisa Patel resents her children's book detailing an anthropological solution to help reduce cholera infections in rural India - using only a sari!