ASAM Expo 2014 

From 2011-2015, the Asian American Studies Program held an end of the year annual event that featured and celebrated the program and the accomplishments of its undergraduate students, including graduating minors. It showcased exhibits from Asian American Studies classes and key program initiatives like the Community Engagement Project. Recipients of the ASAM Expo Grants (funded by the AANAPISI Initiative), for critical and creative work, presented their research in a variety of forms and fields, from stop-motion animation to anthropological research, scientific experiments, children's health books, photography, and video.

ASAM Expo Grants for Undergraduate Research and the Arts 2013-2014

Congratulations to 2013-2014 Expo Grant recipients!

Christian Alfaro and Yvonne Bermas, "Filipino-American Cookbook," mentor Prof. Anna Guevarra. Art/Multimedia/Photography.

A collection of narratives about one semester of cooking, chewing, and sharing Filipino Food"

Yvonne Gail E. Bermas, "Out of the Basement: This is our Art," Asian American Art Archives, mentor Prof. Rooshey Hasnain. Art/Multimedia/Photography.

Will be a public, one day exhibition of works exploring the roles of art in Chicago Asian community engagement followed by evening performance and conversations.

Manylen Bunchean, “What Am I?” Cambodian YA novel, mentor Laura Fugikawa. History/Social Sciences/Art History.

The story of thirteen year old Maisa and ten year old Hannah, whose mother gave birth to them in two different parts of the world. They are now going to live with each other.

Donnie Chang, Rachelle Johnson, and Kim Navoa, "Asian American Disney Princes," mentor Prof. Anna Guevarra. History/Social Sciences/Art History.

The students come together to re-image Disney princes. Their project examines the relationship between Asian American masculinity/male representation and popular culture.

Norman Chen, "Love, Change and the City," mentor Prof. Karen Su. Spoken Word.

He spent the past semester writing different spoken word poems and hopes that you enjoy his witty delivery and strong voice.

Estella Huang, "Effects of Tapering in Marathon Race Performance," mentor Prof. Gloria Balague. Science.

Tapering is a process where there is a gradual decrease in the training load during a set period of time before the race in order to reduce certain stresses that are incurred during training.

Claire Light, "Lost Voices," mentor Prof. Laura Fugikawa. Poetry. (Lux Molina, See link at the bottom of the page for the poem)

A poetry reading of an Asian American adoptees' experiences with domestic violence, documentation, and self-discovery.

Henna Vohra, "Where is the Woman?," mentor Prof. Karen Su. Art/Multimedia/Photography.

Five South Asian women share their story and image in defining the retention and cultivation of identity from the day of the wedding to the marriage that follows.