ASAM Expo 2015 

From 2011-2015, the Asian American Studies Program held an end of the year annual event that featured and celebrated the program and the accomplishments of its undergraduate students, including graduating minors. It showcased exhibits from Asian American Studies classes and key program initiatives like the Community Engagement Project. Recipients of the ASAM Expo Grants (funded by the AANAPISI Initiative), for critical and creative work, presented their research in a variety of forms and fields, from stop-motion animation to anthropological research, scientific experiments, children's health books, photography, and video.

ASAM Expo Grants for Undergraduate Research and the Arts 2014-2015

Congratulations to 2014-2015 Expo Grant recipients!

Phoenix Chen, "Behind the Golden Gate: The Invisibility of Undocumented Asian Americans," mentor Prof. Laura Fugikawa. History/Social Sciences/Art History.

I am majoring in the Teaching of Mathematics and minoring in Asian American Studies. I enjoy biking around the city and spending time outdoors. 

Ibrahim Khan, "19-20," mentor Prof. Sara Hall. Art/Multimedia/Photography.

Yo, I'm a junior majoring in Germanic Studies and everyday I see that the public interest in the arts are fading. I like to shoot photography on film, so naturally my prints a curation of my experience in the United States.
"19-20" is a 35mm film photography project that focuses on the Asian American experience.

Adrian Ledesma.

I am a senior majoring in economics and minoring in finance. I am very active in the Asian American community here at UIC being part of cultural organizations and by working at AARCC!

Gung Ho with Kevin Shi, mentor Prof. Mark Chiang. Art/Multimedia/Photography.

My project would focus on the creation of a short film. In high school, I always took on the video presentation for every project and was recognized widely enough to be tasked with the production of our senior video.

Jonathan Lee, mentor Prof. Kaitlyn Holman. Science.

My name is Jonathan Lee and I am a 3rd year GPPA Medicine student majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry here at UIC. My research here focuses on the mechanisms governing the production of selenocysteine, the 21st amino acid that is essential for human health. Upon graduation I intend on pursuing a 1-year Masters degree followed by a Ph.D and medical school leading to a career in academic medicine.

The Mechanism of tRNA Recognition by Human Cytosolic SerRS

The main focus of the research program is to explain at the structural level how the fidelity of gene translation is regulated in human.

Donald Lei, mentor Prof. Leslie Feng. Science.

Donald Lei is a 3rd year student in the GPPA Medicine program. His biochemistry research centers around the interactions of caspase-3 and alpha-II brain spectrin.

Comparative Studies of D10 and D13 in AlphaII Brain Spectrin

The focus of my project is to crystallize the model protein D10-D13 of αII-brain Spectrin in order to understand the atomic structure of two important caspase-3 cleaving sites at residues D1185 and D1478.

Sarah Lomahan, mentor Prof. Joseph Zanoni. Science.

Sarah Lomahan will be graduating in the spring with a degree in Public Health and a double minor in Asian American Studies and Chemistry. She is interested in global health and after graduation will be serving in Zambia as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Evaluation of AFIRE Community Health Workers Training

The purpose of this project will be to identify health disparities among Filipino immigrants. This will be a collaborative effort with the Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment (AFIRE).

Cristina Romagnolo, "What it Means to be Asian American in Three Words," mentor Prof. Karen Su.

Cristina Romagnolo is a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in Asian American Studies. She is a first generation Italian American who enjoys reading, writing, and painting, and is interested in exploring Asian American identity in Chicago.

Naomi Leilani Salcedo, “When I Cut My Hair: A Research Project on Asian American Identity and Gender Expression that Challenges Expectations of Femininity,” mentor Prof. Anna Guevarra. Art/Multimedia/Photography.

(She/her/they), a junior at UIC, identifies as a queer, gender non-conforming, 2nd generation Filipina-Mexicana American. Naomi is pursuing a major in Sociology with a minor in Asian American Studies, where she is also Co-Chair for the advisory board. She is a research assistant for UIC’s first ever, Queer Asian American Archives and is a research intern for Amigas Latinas, and Chicago Public Schools.

The project I wish to share is one that personally affects me.

“When I Cut My Hair” will be a collection of personal narratives, presented through the creative production of video/audio and photographic/portrait formats. The statement I would like to make with this project is to address and challenge social norms and expectations of gender expression for persons of color, specifically Asian Americans.

Tim Tang, "Passive Upper Extremity Rehabilitation using Movement Statistics," mentor Prof. James Patton. Science.

My name is Tim Tang. I'm a neural engineering student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and my research is in the Robotics Laboratory, headed by James Patton, Ph.D., at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. My current project is the development and evaluation of an inexpensive physical deficit field device for use in stroke rehabilitation.

Ada Tong, “Peace Revelation,” mentor Prof. Karen Su. Art/Multimedia/Photography.

Ada Tong is pursuing a Public Health major and a double minor in Asian American Studies and Biology. She enjoys learning about her cultural heritage and sharing her love of cooking with family and friends.

Peace Revelations is my journey through the known and unknown stories of WWII. Memory is fluid. It records both good and evil. It might be forgiving to some but unforgiving to others. I am the writer of my memories, I am the artist of my memories, and I am the listener of my memories.

Sutikshna Veeravalli, "Madhumalati: An Indian Sufi Romance," adapted to three classical Indian dances, mentor Prof. Mary Anne Mohanraj. Dance.

Sutikshna Veeravalli has been pursuing Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form, for 16 years and has performed and won accolades both in the US and in India. She is currently a senior undergraduate at UIC, pursuing degrees in Neuroscience and English.

Shoma Webster, "Queer and Gendered Narratives of War," mentor Prof. Laura Fugikawa. History/Social Sciences/Art History.

Shoma Webster is a compelling young woman with a dream to positively impact the lives of many. She is also a senior in the Honors College studying Psychology and Asian American Studies, planning to pursue a Master's in Nursing.