Asian Studies

Welcome to Asian Studies at UIC! The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers an undergraduate minor in Asian Studies. The minor is an academic option that students may choose if they wish to complement their major field of study with focused knowledge relating to Asia and Asian Diasporas. As such, the program provides not only traditional area studies training, but also emphasizes transnationalism and diaspora as important program foci. Students receive instruction on Asian histories, politics, economies, cultures, and languages, and explore linkages, spatially and temporally, within and across Asian diasporas. They will develop interpretive skills, learn about Asian and Asian Diaspora Studies, and acquire the critical analytic skills called for in advanced work in research and writing.

As a complement to any major, the Minor encourages students to consider Asian Studies from the perspective of other disciplines and professional fields. Minor courses can be taken in tandem with a range of majors, including Anthropology, Art History, Business, English, Foreign Languages, History, and Sociology. New courses about or related to Asian Studies are regularly added to the curriculum at UIC, so please read the Schedule of Classes closely and consult with Professor Gayatri Reddy (, faculty advisor for the minor, to discuss potential requirement substitutions and additional electives.

Gayatri Reddy

Coordinator, Asian Studies
Associate Professor, GWS and Anthropology
Affiliated Faculty, Asian American Studies
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
Contact information:
Asian Studies Program
1018 University Hall
Phone: 312-413-5658

Please join us for an exhibition of photographs - Invoking the Goddess: Pattini Kannaki Devotion in Sri Lanka

Oct 26, 2014
University of Chicago: Opening Talk by Malathi de Alwis Trance/Trans Gendered Incorporation Tues. Oct. 28 @ 4:30pm Social Sciences Tea Room Reception to follow Exhibition Tues. Oct. 28th - Fri. Oct. 31 All day North Reading Room (also known as Stuart Reading Room) in Cathey Learning Center (Harper Library, 3rd Floor) Devotion to Pattini/Kannaki is an inspiring example of Hindu-Buddhist syncretism in Sri Lanka. The goddess is revered by both Sinhala Buddhist and Tamil Hindu Sri Lankans, though rituals and practices of veneration vary between the two religions and regionally. Ironically, most Sri Lankans are unaware that she is a shared deity an indication perhaps of the extent of the alienation between the two main ethnic communities in this small island nation. Sinhala Buddhists know her as Pattini, and Tamil Hindus as Kannaki. The photos on exhibit document the shared history and divergent traditions of Pattini/Kannaki worship across different regions, ethnic communities, classes and genders in Sri Lanka. For more information, please contact Deanna Ramsay at