GLAS Projects Funded by the UIC Humanities Innovation Grant

UIC Humanities Innovation Grant

Two projects by GLAS faculty were funded by the UIC Humanities Innovation Grant.  The award is designed to fund work in the humanities that explores new theories, archives, methodologies, interdisciplinary connections, applications, and public engagement.

"Evicted! A Game of Affordable Housing"
Anna Guevarra, Global Asian Studies Program (PI)
Gayatri Reddy, Gender and Women’s Studies (PI)
An immersive gaming experience will explore the problem of affordable housing by allowing participants to engage in the complexities of Chicago urban planning.

A project by Gayatri Reddy and Anna Guevarra with community partners in Uptown to create a virtual RPG/board game demonstrating the landscape of affordable housing in Uptown that reflects current housing struggles was funded. The hope is to also create something that can be used in classrooms.

The other project is a collaboration between Ronak Kapadia and Therese Quinn to organize a public dialogue series on militarism that comparatively examines the American Indian Wars and the Global War on Terror.

"New Directions in Comparative Ethnic and Indigenous Studies: Parallels Between the US 'Indian Wars' and the 'Global War on Terror' - A Virtual Scholarly Seminar and Public Dialogue Series"
Ronak K. Kapadia, Gender and Women’s Studies (PI)
Therese Quinn, Museum and Exhibition Studi (PI)
A series of events will feature new work in the humanities at the intersections of comparative ethnic studies, Native North American Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies that explores the parallels between the two longest military conflicts in US history--the "American Indian Wars" and the "Global War on Terror."


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