Guevarra and Reddy Featured in WBEZ/NPR Chicago’s Reset

Hillbilly heaven Uptown's Chelsea Hotel, on the left, opened in 1923 and required its first residents to rent rooms on a monthly basis to ensure no 'transients' stayed in the building.

Segment Discussion on the Dis/Placements Project

Anna Guevarra and Gayatri Reddy was featured in WBEZ/NPR Chicago’s Reset hosted by Sasha-Ann Simons to discuss the Dis/Placements project.

The UIC professors behind the “Dis/Placements” project say that the fight against urban removal in Uptown is still very much alive today.

You can listen to it here:

Read about the project here.


Dr. Guevarra is the founding director of the Global Asian Studies Program and a co-PI of the UIC AANAPISI Initiative.  She is also the co-PI of the Social Justice and Human Rights Cluster and a member of the Diaspora Cluster at UIC. Professor Guevarra's scholarly, creative, and teaching interests focus on immigrant and transnational labor, the geopolitics of carework, critical diaspora studies, and community engagement as they relate to dynamics of race, gender, and empire. 

Dr. Reddy’s is an associate professor in Anthropology, and Gender & Women's Studies and an affiliate faculty in Global Asian Studies. She is a sociocultural anthropologist and her research and teaching interests lie at the intersections of sexuality, gender, health, and the politics of subject and community-formation in India, as well as within the immigrant South Asian queer community in the U.S. Broadly, her work interrogates the contours of cultural belonging through the paradoxical dialectic of “alienation and intimacy.”