Guevarra Co-Authors a Piece on Afro-Asian Solidarities Published in Ms. Magazine

Protesters at the Police Board meeting in November 2019

Afro-Asian Solidarities and Reclaiming the Erasure of Women

While movements like “Stop Asian Hate” can galvanize much-needed attention to the racialized violence Asian American communities face, we must recognize the ways that this victimhood is often twinned in the U.S. imagination with Black criminality, while seemingly always sidelining women.

In a co-authored piece published by Ms. Magazine, Anna Guevarra, UIC associate professor and director of Global Asian Studies and Natalie Bennett, director of the Women's Leadership and Resource Center at UIC, write about Black and Asian solidarities and the need to include women of color when considering who is subjected to racist violence in America.

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Dr. Guevarra is the founding director of the Global Asian Studies Program and a co-PI of the UIC AANAPISI Initiative.  She is also the co-PI of the Social Justice and Human Rights Cluster and a member of the Diaspora Cluster at UIC. Professor Guevarra's scholarly, creative, and teaching interests focus on immigrant and transnational labor, the geopolitics of carework, critical diaspora studies, and community engagement as they relate to dynamics of race, gender, and empire.