GLASsy Faculty Newz

GLASsy Faculty Newz is a short newsletter that highlights the scholarship, teaching, and community-engaged work of core, affiliated, and visiting faculty in GLAS.

ISSUE 1: March 24, 2020

GLASzy Faculty News Issue 1

FEATURE: Dr. Erica Chu, Visiting Lecturer, Dissertation of the Year

Nadine Naber and Deema Kaedbey: Reflections on Feminist Interventions within the 2015 Anticorruption Protests in Lebanon

Lorenzo Perillo: This is the Filipino Scene for Me: Ethnicity, Gender and Hip-Hop in Hawai’i

Ronak Kapadia: Insurgent Aesthetics Security and the Queer Life of the Forever War

Corinne Kodama: A Structural Model of Leadership Self-Efficacy for Asian American Students

Mary Anne Mohanraj: A story feature in “Little America: Incredible True Stories of Immigrants in America”

Nadine Naber: TED Talk on “Arab Feminism is not an Oxymoron

AWARDS: 2020 UIC Awards for Creative Program
Anna Guevarra and Gayatri Reddy: Dis/Placements: Re-visioning a People’s History of Uptown, Chicago

Laura Hostetler: The Art of Imperial Ethnography: Qing Illustrations of Tributary Peoples

Karen Su: Yuki Speaks Out- Picture Book and Educational Website

Anna Guevarra and GLAS 230
Ronak Kapadia and GWS 362