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Asian Studies (ASST)

When Milestone
2013 Gayatri Reddy appointed as Coordinator of Asian Studies; new ad hoc Asian Studies Faculty Advisory Committee is created as the governing body of Asian Studies; discussions among faculty regarding possible merger between Asian American Studies and Asian Studies commence.
2012 Esther Klein leaves UIC. Tarini Bedi* is hired in Anthropology. Nasser Mufti* is hired in English.
2011 Mitchell Hendrickson* is hired in Anthropology.
2010 The Minor in Asian Studies is revised.
2009 The Jamie McNulty Fund in Asian Studies was established following the generous $300,000 donation of then LAS Board of Visitors member James McNulty and his wife, Jamie Thorsen McNulty to underwrite language development (Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Urdu) and program administration in Asian Studies. Esther Klein*, first coordinator of Asian Studies is hired. Asian Studies Colloquium is launched.  Office is set up in 809 UH.
2008 Mary Anne Mohanraj* joins English with a partial administrative appointment in Asian and Asian American Studies. Sunil Agnani* is hired in English and History. Sanjeev Vidyarthi* is hired in Urban Planning and Policy.
2007 A curricular revision of the requirements for a Minor in Asian Studies is proposed; a new group of Asian Studies Faculty is convened to form an Advisory Committee.
2006 Rama Mantena* is hired in History. Xuehua Xiang* is hired in Linguistics.
2001 Gayatri Reddy* is hired in Gender & Women’s Studies and Anthropology.
2000-2001 The Asian Studies Committee considers revisions to the Minor in Asian Studies. On the table are proposals to establish a Major in Asian and Asian American Studies as well as renaming the Minor as  a Minor in Asian and Asian American Studies. Due to a lack of consensus, the revisions are postponed.
1999 Mark Liechty* is hired in Anthropology and History.
1998 Following the efforts of an ad hoc group of faculty (including some members of the Asian Studies Committee), the Asian Studies rubric is reinstated.
1995 Laura Hostetler* is hired in History.
1983 The Asian Studies rubric was eliminated due to a reorganization of interdisciplinary (non-budgeted) programs.
1975 The Minor in Asian Studies is approved and courses are taught under this rubric by existing faculty in the College of LAS.
1973 The “ASST” rubric was approved.
1972 Discussions to establish a program in Asian Studies begin among faculty, staff and administrators.