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The Founding Director’s Road to 50/50 Challenge

The Founding Director’s Road to 50/50 Challenge

This year, the GLAS Founding Program Director, Professor Guevarra (a.k.a. Chai Guevarra) is embarking on an exciting and ambitious road trip to bring 50 majors and 50 minors to GLAS before the end of the academic year 2023-2024.

On board the magic jeepneys, Professor Guevarra will engage with various groups (students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community leaders) and ask them for their support in reaching her goal. Prof. Guevarra will be traveling on two parallel roads: the left side of the road is the route to 50 Majors and the right side of the road is the route to 50 Minors. On these two roads are numerical milestones marking the number of students declaring the GLAS major and GLAS minor. Each milestone for the Major is dedicated to a particular group/collective who helped her reach that milestone, unlocking a special gift to mark that collective achievement.

The “Road to 50/50” is paved with the spirit of those who have labored towards building this program since 1991: the swirls signify the movement from Asian American Studies (ASAM) to Global Asian Studies (GLAS), which involved the creation of the department, the Minor, and the Major;  the calming and sweet scent of sampaguita flowers signify hope and positive energy on this journey; the boulders depict the many obstacles that so many people have helped push to the side to help clear the path; and the strong and mighty jeepney represents the vehicle that can withstand all the elements while providing joy, music, and surprises along the way. There is a carabao/kalabaw (water buffalo) on this road that is helping push the jeepney when it needs it the most…and who will reveal itself when the goal is achieved.

To declare the major, make an appointment with GLAS Advisor, Hideaki Noguchi: