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Staff of the AANAPISI Part A UIC PASS Grant 2015-21


Karen Su
Principal Investigator and Project Director (2015-21)

Anna Guevarra
Co-Principal Investigator and GLAS Director (2015-21)

Mark Martell
Co-Principal Investigator and AARCC Director (2015-21)

Jeffrey Alton
AARCC Associate Director (2015-21)

Alyson Kung
AARCC Assistant Director (2017-21)

Corinne Kodama
Internal Grant Evaluator and Research Specialist (2016-2020)



Office of Social Science Research - Grant Management 2015-21
Eve Ali Boles, Director (2020-21)
Tracy Sikorski, Director (2015-20)
Alexandra Padrul (2015-2017)
Jessica Seno (2017-2021)
Shana Riley (2018-19)
Jasmine Bradford (2020-21)

Office of Institutional Research - Research and Data Assistance (2015-21)
Bill Hayward, Director
Stephanie Estrada, Senior Associate Director

Elite Research - Grant Evaluation 2020-2021
Renee M. Paulson, President and Senior Statistician
Mindy Chandler, Research and Evaluation Consultant
Nicole Huddleston, Senior Qualitative Research Consultant



Graduate Assistants: Sam Hsieh (2016-18), Christen Park (2018-21), Allison Ballweber (2019-21)

Undergraduate Graphic Designers: George Acuna (2016-18), Hana Choi (2020), Nurul Hana Mohammed Rafee (2020-21)

Undergraduate Outreach Staff: Elaine Rivera (2016-17), Cammille Go (2016-18), Ram Patel, Kimo Carl, Wasinee Siewsrichol (2017-18), Abby Mohan (2017-19), Vaidehi Suriyanarayanan (2017-20), Aaron Assidao (2017-21), Caroline Lee (2018-20), Michelle Guo (2019), Niha Ahmed, Raza Mojiz, Uzair Ahmed (2019-20)

Partner on Outreach to Pacific Islander Students: Cynthia Soto, Director of Native American Support Program (2016-2019)



Academically Integrated Mentor Support (AIMS) addressed retention of AAPI students through Summer College and First Year Experience programs. AARCC and GLAS offered an integrated and enhanced Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP) that provided social and academic support through embedded peer mentors, writing, math, and library tutors, and culturally-relevant curriculum. GLAS offered first-year General Education courses with embedded writing tutors

GLAS Gen Ed courses
GLAS Faculty Instructors: Mark Chiang, Anna Guevarra, Michael Jin, Lorenzo Perillo (2016-18)

Asian American Mentor Program (Summer College and Fall)
AAMP Director: Jeff Alton
Seminar Instructors: Karen Su, Jeff Alton
Graduate Assistants: Imee Ignacio (2016-17); Rebecca Ozaki (2017-19); Celeste Aguirre (2019-21)

Asian American Studies Summer College Seminar
Instructor: Radha Modi (2016)

Writing Tutor Supervisor: Vainis Aleksa, UIC Writing Center (2016-17)
Writing Tutor Coordinators: Elizabeth Malagon (2017-19); Elena De Guzman (2018-19)
Writing Tutors: Henna Vohra, Jessica Smietana (2016-17)
Math Tutor Supervisor: Florencio Diaz, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (2016-17)
Math Tutors: Daniel Ingebretson (2016-17), Keaton Quinn (2017-18), Nathan Lopez (2017-19)
Chemistry Tutor: Russell Trenary (2018-19)
Library Tutor Supervisor: Alyne Connie (2016-17)
Library Tutors: Liz Chang, Elizabeth Skolba, Elaine Rivera (2016-17)



Excellence in Community Experiential Learning (EXCEL) developed students’ experiential learning skills and focused their transition from college to career. It provided defined pathways linking academic knowledge and mentorship with Asian American issues, Chicago communities, and workplace/community needs. Students participated in a Practicum to critically reflect on their campus and community engagement experiences. Students in GLAS 263: Asian American Gender and Sexual Diversity and GLAS 300: Global Asias in Chicago worked on community research skills and contributed their talents to community oral history projects.

On-campus GLAS Internships
Instructor of Seminar and On-campus Internship Practicum: Karen Su (2016-2018), Mark Martell (2018-21)
College Day Internship Site: Jeff Alton (2015-17), Alyson Kung (2017-20)
AAMP Mentor Internship Site: Jeff Alton (2015-20)

Off-campus GLAS Internships
Instructors of GLAS 250: Critical Issues of Community Engagement: Radha Modi (2016-18), Steve Moon (2019-20)
Off-campus Internship Coordinator and Practicum Instructors: Radha Modi (2016-18), Karen Su (2018-21)
Internship Graduate Assistant Coordinators: Sarah Eli Lu (2017-20), Julian Ignacio (2019-21)

Oral History Research Projects
Queer Asian American Archive partners: Liz Thomson, Laura Fugikawa, Liz Haas, Peggy Glowacki, UIC Library Special Collections
Instructors of GLAS 263: Karen Su (2019, 2021), Erica Chu (2020)
Instructor of GLAS 463: Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian America: Zachary Blair (Fall 2020)
Instructor of GLAS 300: Anna Guevarra
Directors of Dis/Placements: Mapping Chicago Project: Anna Guevarra and Gayatri Reddy
Dis/Placements Graduate Assistants: Aidan Dixon (2018-19), Laura Sato (2019-20)



Financial Literacy and Scholarships Programs
Partners: Kim Germaine, Office of External Fellowships; Kara Holloway, Director of Scholarships, Office of Financial Aid (2018-19); Alyson Kung, AARCC (2018-20)
Graduate assistants: Grace Dyer (2018-19), Julian Ignacio (2019-21)

Civic Engagement Project
Supervisor: Kathleen Yang-Clayton, Clinical faculty, Public Administration (2019-21)
Undergraduate program coordinator: Shreyas Sastri (2019-21)


To see listings of all of the past faculty, staff, and students who worked on the first two grants 2010-17, please see the AANAPISI Part A and Part F reports in Initiative Reports and Research.