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Prior to AY19 Board Members

Name Undergraduate/Graduate Program* Year of Service
Pallavi Banerjee* Sociology 2012-13
Yvonne Bermas Art History 2012-13
John Capua* Public Health - Epidemiology 2014-15
Elizabeth Chang Biological Sciences; Asian American Studies (minor) 2017-18
Donnie Chang Psychology and Pre-Dentistry 2012-13
Phoenix Chen Teaching of Mathematics; Asian American Studies (minor) 2014-16
Jessica Dang Marketing; Global Asian Studies (minor) 2016-17
Kinjal Dave Economics 2012-13
Cammille Go Biochemistry 2017-18
Elena Guzman Teaching of English; Asian American Studies (minor) 2017-18
Tran Huynh Nutrition 2016-17
Shukri Ideis History; Global Asian Studies and Biological Sciences (minor) 2017-18
Vivian Jin Biological Sciences; Global Asian Studies (minor) 2017-18
Jenny Korn* Communication 2011-13
Kara Liu Kinesiology; Psychology and Asian American Studies (minor) 2016-17
Yongming Liu Business Administration 2012-13
Maddy Loehman History and German Fall 2017
Connie Luo Psychology; Asian American Studies (minor) 2011-13
Queena Luu Public Health/Biology 2016-17
Lux Molina Gender and Women's Studies; Asian American Studies (minor) 2015-16
Melanie Kukana Maglaya Public Health and Business Administration 2013-14
Maggie Mui* Social Work 2012-15
Kim Navoa Photography; Asian American Studies (minor) 2011-13
Krystal Ng Economics; Global Asian Studies (minor) 2016-17
Cristina Romagnolo English; Asian American Studies (minor) 2015-16
Naomi Salcedo Sociology; Asian American Studies (minor) 2014-16
Vicky Tai Gender and Women's Studies; Asian American Studies (minor) 2014-15
Ada Tong Public Health; Asian American Studies (minor) 2014-16
Kavya Vaitla Psychology; Asian American Studies (minor) 2015-16
Henna Vohra English and Psychology; Asian American Studies (minor) 2011-13