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SPR ’22: GLAS/ANTH 242—Introduction to Arab American Studies

Instructor: Nadine Naber

For these projects, students created curriculum materials for teaching about anti-Arab racism and Arab American racial justice activism post 09/11. They covered topics such as surveillance, media representations, repression of activism, and immigration bans. Their projects focused on theories for understanding these issues; everyday life impacts; activism and resistance; and coalition building with other communities of color. They presented their work in academic, activist, and artistic formats.

Albattat Heading link

Walaa - Poetry and Literature

Walaa – Poetry and Literature: view document here.

Ian Vanswearing Heading link

Abolition and WoT

Abolition and WoT: view document here.

Guillermo Zacarias Heading link

Airport Profiling

Airport Profiling: view document here.

Julia Truszkiewicz Heading link

Abolishing the War on Terror

Abolishing the War on Terror: view document here