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Summer 2024 Courses

Students at GLASapalooza
Courses with asterisks (*) are General Education courses.
  • *GLAS 100: Introduction to Global Asian Studies

    (World Cultures)

    Michael Jin
    MTRF 9:00am – 11:55am

    CRN 24624 (LEC) | 24623 (DIS)

    Online (Synchronous)

    Download Flyer Here

    This course examines various historical, cultural, and political representations of Asia, Asian America, and Asians in the world. Students will explore how peoples and ideas from Asia and across transoceanic and transnational diasporas have influenced a globalized world and continue to inform our contemporary understanding of Asia and Asian America.

    The course also examines how historical issues such as colonialism, war, global capitalism, and migration have shaped the experiences and representations of Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and peoples in Asian diasporas.

  • GLAS 290: Superheroes in Anime, Manga, Movies, and Comics

    Mark Martell

    CRN 24602

    Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program
    Tokyo and Hiroshima, Japan

    May to June 2024

    Download Flyer Here

    This course promotes competence and appreciation of graphic narratives and moving images by examining selected superheroes from Japanese manga and anime, and from American comics and movies.

    We will explore the historical, socio-political, cultural, racial, and gender issues of these superheroes, following their path from creation to modern day.

    We will examine the underlying themes from these media and make connections between the themes and broader societal issues.

  • GLAS 495: Independent Study

    Mark Matell
    CRN 21745